The Weekly LIST Staking Club Update

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Hello to the beautiful Hive community! We are back with another weekly LIST Staking Club update!


This week is going to be pretty short and sweet because @thelogicaldude already posted the platform updates on his latest post:


New LIST Staking Club member

We want to welcome our newest member @uyobong to the LIST Staking Club! He recently crossed the 1k mark on the LIST stake so this puts him into the 5% club! Your code has been sent via encrypted message. You should use Hive Keychain with your memo key to read the message!

Your coupon code is good to use any time on purchases from the and the store at which includes the new and The coupon code is also good for HiveCommerce services on

Welcome to the club!


LIST Staking Club member on the move!

This week, we had a member get serious about staking and jumped over 10k LIST staked and is now apart of the 15% club! Thanks for the support @russia-btc and your coupon code has also been sent via encrypted message that will be best checked with Hive Keychain!


If you want to be apart of the new cool kids club, you are still early to the game! So come join buy getting you some LIST token on Hive Engine, Tribaldex, and LeoDex! You can also use the platform by posting and curating on the platform. If you want to open an online business of your own, we give you a place to post ads on the blockchain as well as we can build you a WordPress site that connects with the Hive blockchain with a store that accepts Hive, HBD, and Hive Engine tokens!

Hope everyone has a great week!

Hivelist Admin