First Snapshot of LIST Staking Holders Has Been Taken!


Hello all! So the first snapshot of LIST staking holders has been taken for the discount coupon drop! If you don’t know what is going on, we have a new discount system for our LIST token staking holders that you can check out at Each tier has a certain discount rate that will be available to use for anything in the Hivelist ecosystem which includes, Hivelist HiveCommerce Website Services,,, and which also holds the merchandise for both the and the

Discount doesn’t apply to any individual classifieds ads from other users, only the stores and services offered by Hivelist.

The following holders have been sent their coupon codes via a small HIVE transaction, so check your wallets!












Thanks to all those that are staking LIST! Again, make sure you check your HIVE wallet for the transaction and look for your coupon code in the memo.

If you missed out on the first round, no worries, we audit the rich list every week, so if you want to secure your discount code, or if you received one and want to get a bigger discount, all you have to do is stake more LIST!