LIST Token

Hivelist Token, ticker symbol LIST, is the native token for the Hivelist platform, built on Hive-Engine. It is fast, secure and free to transact LIST tokens which will make a great utility token for the Hivelist ecosystem. LIST can be used in merchant transactions, staked for rewards and store discounts, and earned through our curation system called Proof of Brain.

Max Supply of LIST: 500,000,000 which have already been minted and issued to the @hivelist.token account which handles the rewards pool.

Circulating supply decreases when burning feature is used.

Use one or more of the following tags in your post to activate your post on the Hivelist platform and start earning LIST:

#forsale, #services, #contests, #gigs, #events, #fundraising, #hivecommerce, #hivelist

Learn more about each tag by clicking the options on the sidebar!

LIST Token Burning

LIST Tokens can can be burned when used for post promotion using our tool on LIST is also burned when used as vendor fees on the HiveLIST Store and when used as whitelisting fees and minting fees on our native HiveLIST NFT Marketplace.

Burning LIST decreases the circulating supply of the token with hopes of eventually increasing its value.

LIST Delegation

LIST Tokens can be delegated much like the Hive token. You have to have your tokens staked to be able to delegate the tokens. Delegation is a way to ‘loan’ your tokens to another user without losing control over the tokens. Delegation can be used to help another member earn some of their first tokens, loaned to give an earning boost, and more! If you no longer want to delegate your tokens, you simply cancel the delegation and the tokens are returned to your staking pool just 2 days after being un-delegated.

Earning LIST Tokens

Rewards Pool for LIST is split into 90% Proof of Brain and 10% Staking. Rewards pool is held and issued by the @hivelist.token account. You can also earn LIST by using it as a currency and accepting it for your products and services that you offer. Now you are also able to earn LIST through Hive Power delegation to the @hivelist account! Hive Power delegation earns .05 LIST tokens per HP delegated.

Proof of Brain

First way to earn LIST tokens is with Proof of Brain, which is the active posting and curation side of the token. When you post your ad to Hivelist and use the tags #hivelist and or #classifieds, your post will also show on and the Hivelist Classifieds community and your post will then start earning LIST tokens just like Hive!


The second way to earn LIST is by staking LIST! The more you earn or purchase, then stake, the more you earn, as well as the more weight your vote has on posts, giving you more resource power in the community.

Staking LIST also gets you certain levels of discounts on the Hivelist Store, HiveTunes, or for any of our HiveCommerce services. Those who stake the following levels of LIST will receive a coupon code that will be good anytime. The more you stake, the bigger the discount!

Hive Power Delegation

Delegate to Hivelist to help build a stronger community through curation! Earn .05 LIST tokens per each Hive Power delegated to the @hivelist account.

LIST Staking Club Discount Levels

LIST Tokens must be staked and not delegated in order to qualify

1,000-5,000 LIST gets 5% discount coupon code for use in any Hivelist related store and for monthly store hosting fees.

5,001-10,000 LIST gets 10% discount coupon code for use in any Hivelist related store, 50% off monthly hosting fees for Hivelist website services and unlimited product listings for vendors on the Hivelist Store.

10,001-20,000 LIST gets 15% discount coupon code for use in any Hivelist related store and free monthly hosting fees for Hivelist website services.

20,001 LIST staked and beyond gets 20% discount coupon code for use in any Hivelist related store and free monthly hosting fees for Hivelist website services.

These are the sites you can currently use your discount codes:

Hivelist Store– Here you can purchase physical goods with Hive, HBD, BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, USDC, and DAI! We are currently not accepting any Hive Engine tokens for physical items due to the liquidity issues in these markets and needing to be able to cover the costs of the items in USD. The eBooks and Digital Download store now accepts select Hive Engine tokens including LIST. – Here is the home of it all and where you can check out our services for building and hosting your own HiveCommerce store! your LIST Staking Club discounts also apply here! It is advised for HiveCommerce store owners that host their stores with us to stake at least 10k list as it will get you a 50% off discount on your monthly hosting charges, plus you will be able to pay your monthly bill in LIST, in which those tokens will be burned! – This is the official store for the Weedcash Network. You can purchase CBD and hemp products as well as smoking accessories and of course, WeedCash branded gear!

We have new partners that we will be announcing soon! If you are interested in becoming a Hivelist Partner, contact us!

***If you are interested in purchasing 10,000 LIST tokens or more, and they are not available on the market, please Contact Us and we can make arrangements for an OTC purchase.***

Start your Hivelist journey today by getting your first LIST tokens here on Hive-Engine.

LIST Token Configuration

If you would like to see the configuration of the LIST token, you can see it on the Hive-Engine Block Explorer here:

Here is the current block information of the LIST token: