is LIVE! The Evolution of Hivelist

Wow, it has been a wild ride the last couple of weeks! From project conception to going live has happened allot faster than we have expected! From the launch of the WordPress front end,, to getting the LIST token started, and now the introduction of the Nitrous Scotbot site from the team at @hive-engine! We want to thank the team for helping get this all set up. We also want to thank @richardcrill for the assistance and coaching in getting the tribe all set up and ready to go!

Now we have a dedicated place to go and post directly onchain! We are trying to decide the direction of the frontend. I think it will mainly be an info page that links to the blockchain and a place for us to offer our services. We will also use the Chat and Discussions which is linked from the site as well as a place of contact for the Hivelist Admin as well as our new discord server. You will get rewarded for using the front end to communicate as well!

We will also be offering services for building an online store front using WordPress and Woocommerce that will work with the new plugin created by @roomservice that will allow you to transact in Hive, HBD, and soon Hive-Engine tokens like the LIST token. These sites can also double as a blog site that will go directly to the Hive blockchain. You can get your own domain and build your brand, your way!

We will soon have a site available for those services so if you are interested, please let use know!


Hope everyone has a great day!

Hivelist Admin