Check Out The Latest Posts on Hivelist! New Members and Store Changes!


This week we saw some awesome new posts show up on Hivelist! It’s great to see the community start to slowly form into what it was meant to be! We also had a couple of big upgrades as well as a couple of new members to the LIST Stakers Club that we are going to talk about as well as some big changes to the physical products side of the So let’s get into it!


~~Some Great Posts That Showed Up on the LIST!~~


Of course, our man, @jeffjagoe is always killing it on Hivelist with his products from his Etsy store. He has been throwing out all kind of shirts and facemasks!

Here are some of the items from @jeffjagoe this week:

Something for the ladies… or the dudes that really like Bitcoin and want to see their girls in this bathing suit, haha!

A Plan B shirt:

And a fisherman’s special, Trout Facemask:

@deuceman has a listing up for some older miners that are more collectors items at this point, but they can still hash away! Great for people that want to learn about mining, and or have cheap power or want to try and set up a solar mining setup!

He also posted some Native American art that he has for sale!

@thatsweeneyguy making his Hivelist debut with his NFT art on the @nftshowroom, I love seeing the NFT art showing up on Hivelist!

Also the one and only @themarkymark was selling his Top 100 dCity City, which apparently was SOLD! Showed up using the #forsale tag!

There were also some awesome contest journals and other challenges that are showing up as well, but we can’t list everything here, so just go check out to see the latest in #hivecommerce!

I would love to see more of the NFT items show up on Hivelist! So if you are posting your items on @nftshowroom or the new @lensy sites, you should write a post either here on or, just use the ‘forsale’ tag and it will show up automatically!


~~NEW $LIST Staking Club Members and Upgrades~~

This week we had 2 new additions to the $LIST Staking Club which both hit the 5% level and will receive their coupon code in an encrypted HIVE transaction, you will need to use Hive Keychain or sign in with your Memo key to see the code. The 2 new members this week are @merlin7 and @thatsweeneyguy!

Welcome to the club! You can see a list of sites your code is good for on

We also had 2 new additions to the top tier of the club at the 20% level! Welcome my new high rollers:

@nulledgh0st and @d00k13! Welcome to the top boys!


~~Changes Coming to the Hivelist.Store Physical Products~~

So this is something that has been being pondered for a while and will start happening over the next couple of weeks. The products that are currently on the store are sourced through Aliexpress which is a dropshipping portal out of China. We have already experienced some issues with logistics and inventory with some of the products we have listed and it is impossible, being that the supplies aren’t directly linked with our site, to keep up with what is available. Plus in some test orders that showed up way later than expected, were not in the best condition, so therefore we are going to be removing ALL products that are currently on the We will will be filling it back up with products that we design and coming from out direct print manufacturers in either the US or Europe, depending on where the order is coming from. The company we source from is very reputable and we have been working with them for some time on other projects.

There will be things ranging from home decor to clothing, accessories, and more. We are working also to find another reputable dropship dealer out of the US that we can count on, that also doesn’t charge an arm and a leg in monthly fees, because let’s face it, there isn’t enough revenue coming in yet to pay for a monthly subscription. But that will hopefully come as the community grows. So on that note, we are going to go with what we know works and that we have experience with.

Anyway, those changes will start happening this week. If you were interested in purchasing something from the store that is currently on there, you can contact us and we will try to work something out for the next couple of weeks. After that, you might have to wait till we can find another source. We want to do what is best for our customers by giving them products we know they will be happy with and are great quality.


Anyway, that’s it for this week! Hope everyone has a profitable week!


Keep calm and Hive on!