HiveCommerce Website Services

Hivelist is now offering what we are calling HiveCommerce websites! What is a HiveCommerce website? Well simply put, it is a WordPress site that is designed to send your posts to the Hive blockchain and have a WooCommerce store that accepts Hive, HBD, and very soon Hive-Engine tokens! We are bringing ecommerce to the Hive blockchain!

There are many manufacturers and suppliers that can integrate directly with WooCommerce so it makes it simple to produce products and link them directly to your store. Examples of these companies are Printful and Printify. Both of these platforms work with direct to print options so all you do is upload your files, choose the product and variants, set price and profit, and it is sent directly to your site as a published product in the category or categories you choose! We can integrate the plugins for both of these companies so all you have to do is sign up for an account for one or both companies, connect your new HiveCommerce store, create products, and sell for HIVE, HBD, and any Hive Engine token!

You will be able to post any type of product or service you would like, physical or digital, you will just need to know how to tinker with the WordPress backend, we have videos that we can provide that will help you with using WooCommerce. We can also help you add products and information if needed, but will charge an additional fee for that service. No matter how dirty you want to get with the building process, we can help you along the way!

Payments for Hivelist HiveCommerce services will be accepted in HIVE, HBD, LIST, LEO, SIM, DEC, CTP, WEED, SWAP.BTC, SWAP.LTC, SWAP.BCH, and SWAP.EOS! Of course we will also take the standard BTC, ETH, LTC, or any stablecoin as far as crypto is concerned but prefer to use the Hive ecosystem as there are no fees to transfer funds, plus let’s support our ecosystem as much as possible! If you want to pay in dollars, we can invoice you using Square from The Logical Dude, LLC.

The benefit for using LIST tokens will be that all fees that are paid in LIST will be burned, thus decreasing the supply of LIST on the market. Monthly hosting fees will ONLY be accepted in LIST tokens, that is if you choose to host your site with us! It is encouraged to stake LIST to help earn your monthly hosting fees if you are a store owner. Store owners that stake 10k LIST will get half off for monthly hosting and maintenance fees, no matter which currency you want to pay with.

If you have a current WordPress site and want us to help you turn it into a HiveCommerce site, we can certainly help you out as well! Contact us for more information.

Just fill out the form below and we will be in touch as soon as possible!

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