Hivelist Hosting for HiveCommerce Sites (Monthly Fee)



Price is a monthly fee. We cannot set up automatic payments with Hive Payments.

Invoice post will be sent monthly tagging all Hivelist store owners. Payment due by the 1st of the month.

This package includes monthly hosting, maintenance, and support for your HiveCommerce site on

We keep a close eye on our servers and make sure everything is running efficiently. If something goes wrong, please reach out and we can help solve the issue.

During setup, Hivelist admin will setup an Admin account for both the owner of the store and Hivelist Admin. This allows us to get in and do any troubleshooting needed.

***Hivelist HiveCommerce sites are completely customizable for the user. This service plan does NOT include fixing issues caused by the user during customization. Those kind of fixes will be charged extra and by the hour at the cost of $40 per hour with a minimum of 1 hour.

Staking LIST is encouraged to help pay the monthly costs. Paying in LIST will burn the tokens, thus decreasing the supply of tokens available.