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Introducing the Hivelist Token (LIST) on Hive-Engine

Hivelist Token (LIST) is built on the Hive Engine Scotbot platform. LIST is the native token for the Hivelist community. HiveList’s purpose is to bring a classifieds ad service and marketplace to the Hive blockchain. The purpose of the token is to reward members for using the community for posting their ads to the blockchain as well as for use as payment for services on the site.

These services will include featured ads posts written by the Hivelist admin, promoted posts, front page and side bar advertisements, etc. Our hope is that it will also be used to trade goods and services on the Hivelist community in addition to Hive and any other currency people want to accept. Site fees may vary to compensate for the current price of LIST/HIVE market pairing on Announcements will be made in advance when the fees adjust. Fees will only adjust once every 24 hours.

Any services paid to @hivelist that are paid for in LIST tokens will be used to continue to reward the community and help onboard new members.

Token Economics

Total supply of LIST: 500,000,000 (500M) LIST

Initial issuance of LIST Token: 50,000,000  (50M) LIST to @hivelist.token to create the reward pool for future distribution from the Hivelist community.

Initial issuance date: May 22, 2020

Future issuances from Hive-Engine to the @hivelist.token rewards pool account will be issued by the @hivelist owner account when the @hivelist.token account reaches 5,000,000 (5M) available LIST tokens. Issuances will be made in amounts of 50,000,000 (50M) LIST.

More tokens will be released for sale on the Hive-Engine market as demand increases. Initial token sell orders will be placed from the @hivelist.token account. Any market maker sell orders from Hivelist will be done from the @hivelist.token account but only as needed to keep tokens flowing through the market.

5 day payout windows

Unstaking occurs in 42 days in 6 installments – 1 per week

Linear rewards curve


The current reward pool is 1800 LIST per day. Current settings have this amount decreasing by .5% every year. This could be adjusted in the future based on the size of the community and the price of LIST.

The inflation rewards shrink every year by 0.5%

Voting calculation works the same as Hive.

You get 10 votes a day similar to Hive.

Your voting power recharges completely from zero over 5 days (20% per day).

Ways to earn Hivelist Token (LIST):

Proof of Brain (90% of rewards pool):

Tags to use to earn LIST:

#hivelist, #classifieds, #hive-150840

If you sign up to and follow proper set up instructions, these tags should be added directly to your profile and all posts made from the front end will automatically have the tags added.

Posting ads, voting, and commenting are rewarded. Your LIST stake also gives your vote more weight, same as HIVE and other Hive Engine tokens like WEED, PAL, LEO, etc.

Author rewards: 60%

Curation rewards: 40%

Staking (10% of rewards pool):

Staking your LIST on Hive-Engine you will earn more tokens. The more tokens you hold will also increase your voting power, just like Hive.

Sign up with

Earn LIST by signing up on the website. Signing up your account and successfully setting up your profile on will earn you a small amount of list.

First 100 members to sign up to the site will be rewarded 500 LIST tokens. Beyond that, sign up rewards will be 50 LIST tokens. These will be manually sent by the Hivelist admin once daily for all the sign ups that happened the day before. To make sure you correctly receive your LIST tokens, please make sure you register to the front end using your correct Hive account as the user name and Preferably the display name as well. This is how we know to send your tokens to the right place.

Faucets and Sinks

You can think of the distribution of the supply of LIST and demand for the use-cases for a currency as faucets and sinks respectively. Faucets include distributing LIST through rewards, sales and signing up on Sinks include accepting LIST for use cases like promotional services and accepting as currency for products and other services.

Initial Distribution from @hivelist.token

250,000 LIST to @thelogicaldude as a founder’s fee to use for staking for the ability to give high post vote rewards. This is the founder’s payout so staking rewards will be used for personal use by @thelogicaldude.

250,000 LIST to @hivelist for staking and high reward value voting. Staking rewards will be used to pay sign up bonuses for the front end and be used to put back into the community.

250,000 LIST to @hivelist to use for community marketing, contests, sign up bonuses, and initial airdrops to first community members and people that assisted in the creation of the community and token.

Initial Token Sale from @hivelist.token on Hive-Engine:

Click here to buy LIST on the Hive-Engine market

Initial Token Sale Date: May 24, 2020

20,000 LIST at 0.05 HIVE

20,000 LIST at 0.1 HIVE

20,000 LIST at 0.2 HIVE

80,000 LIST at 0.4 HIVE

80,000 LIST at 0.8 HIVE

100,000 LIST at 1.6 HIVE

100,000 LIST at 3.2 HIVE

See the current parameters for the Hivelist Token Scotbot

See the activity info for LIST Scotbot