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Using a figure and its reflections to visualize "Focus and determination".

Greetings friends! Happy Sunday to you all. I'm glad to show you this imaginary ink drawing I made earlier today of a young woman with lovely reflections which I used… [See more on]

Chapter 2: Word Vomit on Stage

As I mentioned in my self-introduction post, I am in love with words, in any form. One of it is Spoken Word Poetry. Growing up, I thought that poetry is… [See more on]

My pencil sketch of Jean-Claude Van Damme as Chance Boudreaux in "Hard target".

Greetings esteemed friends! While seeing some movies on YouTube earlier,.. I saw a lot of videos of this amazing actor Jean-Claude Van Damme. One who kept my eyes glued to… [See more on]

My drawing of a model with a colourful hairstyle.

Greetings friends! Hope you're doing fine? I would have posted this earlier if my phone had not gone off! still, I'm so glad that I achieved two random sketches and… [See more on]

A model with a confused body positioning.

Greetings folks! Hope you're doing great? Today, I'm sharing this ballpoint pen sketch of a model with a confused body positioning. My initial idea was to draw a back view… [See more on]

An imaginary drawing of a beautiful model with ancient cultural adornment..

GREETINGS ESTEEMED FRIENDS! Hope you're doing great? I decided to review some of the works I produced some five years back and this is what I found; A model with… [See more on]

My drawing of a beautiful family.

Greetings esteemed friends! Hope you're doing great? Today, I would like to share with you this art piece I drew some four years back of a beautiful family. The mixed… [See more on]

My drawing of birds feeding on the field.

Greetings friends! Hope you are doing great? Today I'm Sharing with you an imaginary nature work of birds feeding in the field which I drew with Nataraj colour pencils. I… [See more on]

14 works of paper craft and bulletin board design.

Greetings friends! Today I'm glad to share with you most of my craft works and bulletin boards I made with papers, ribbons, compound disc(CD) and other soft materials. The above… [See more on]

Using colours, lines and shapes in a figure to describe human imperfections and behavior.

Greetings folks! For some days I've been really busy, having no time to do my regular daily sketching. I wanted to post this image yesterday but my phone network was… [See more on]

Jesse Matthysz AUS-NZ Slalom skating Edit

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Jesse Matthysz AUS-NZ Slalom skating Edit The Australia and New Zealand slalom open is a freestyle slalom inline and roller skate video edit competition. Hosted by… [See more on]

Weddings and Happy Ever Afters | How I Did my Sister In Law's Bridal Makeup

Weddings, a meaningful beginnings for most couples. As a trans woman, I've always known that marriage would be blurry for me for countless of reasons, but it never made me… [See more on]

An imaginary sketch of a transparent plant.

Greetings folks! It's my pleasure to show you a plant vase I drew earlier today. The whole idea came when I checked my phone gallery and noticed that I don't… [See more on]

My imaginary nature drawing.

Greetings my valued friends! While going through my phone gallery yesterday, I saw few pictures I drew years back before I joined Hive. I choosed two out of them one… [See more on]

Imaginary nature drawing.

Greetings folks! I just saw this image right now while seeing pictures in my gallery, it was one of the imaginary nature drawing I made during the Covid 19 lockdown.… [See more on]

CryptoIZ AMA with BitShares

Late payout prize winner announcement CryptoIZ AMA with BitShares took place on 28th July with Milos Preocanin as VIP guest. is a large Indonesian knowledge sharing crypto community. Below… [See more on]

My figure study today of a man eating.

Greetings to you friends! I'm glad to share with you a funny figure study I sketched earlier today. The image simply describes a young man taking tea from a big… [See more on]

My still life composition of some African local musical instruments.

Hi friends! Hope you're doing fine? For a while, I've dedicated most of my time studying more about some local musical instruments used in Africa. In the cause of my… [See more on]


Pretty freaking excited to have announced three huge events in last week. All three are skate park related covering Roller skating, inline skating and scooter riding. Its super cool to… [See more on]